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Bullseye Window Surrounds

The BU1 and BU2 are our 2 most popular Bullseye Window Surrounds. Both made for a 600mm Diameter.

The only difference between the two is that the BU2 has 4 keystones, one at the top, two in the middle and one at the bottom. Both of these Window Surrounds are made to fit the NS5 Namestone ‘Medallion’ (See ‘Gable Vents & Namestones page). Both of these are regularly kept in stock. If we happen to not have them available then they would be on a 1-3 week availability.

This is the plain Bullseye Window surround. The BU3 which has a 915mm diameter is not available from stock, but is usually available within 1-3 weeks.

The BU4 which has a 1200mm Diameter is also not available from stock, however, the availability on this would be 4-8 weeks

Arched Heads

The AH1 with a 915mm internal diameter is the only Arched head that we keep in stock.

All other Arched Heads would be on a 1-3 week availability.

The AH2 has the same design as the AH1, but it is made with a 1200mm internal Diameter. The AH3 and AH4 are similar to the others, however, they have a kicker detail either side of the arch. This makes them a little more decorative.

The AH1 and AH2 Arched heads can also be used to form the Arched window surrounds, along with some other units that are on a 4-8 week availability (see below).

Window & Porch Surrounds

Below are the window and porch surrounds that we do. Due to the varying sizes of windows, doors etc.these are all made to order and would be on a 6-8 week availability. The Label Mould detail shown on these are the SC7s, they can be found on the ‘String Course & Plinths’ page.