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Below is the range of Forticrete Heads and cills that we do. From stock, we only have the Rectangular Heads at 215mm and 140mm with the Cosmetic Clip-on Keystones to suit.

Stock Heads

These are the Heads that we keep in stock. we have a range of Lengths (See below) anything over the length of 1547mm will be in 2 pieces.

These heads are available in other Lengths, However, there would generally be a 4-5 week lead time, unless otherwise advised. Heads can be cut down to size if needed in a quicker time, however, we do not offer a cutting service.

Stock Keystones

Cosmetic Clip-on Keystones

The Cosmetic Clip-on Keystone is available from stock in Chamfered and Plain. They simply clip over the top of our standard heads. Perfect for adding a more decorative feature or hiding the joint on a 2 piece Head.

Non-stock Heads & Keystones

Splayed Heads

This is our Splayed Head, which starts flush with the brickwork opening and then splays outwards. The DH11 is available in 3-4 weeks, however the DH12 is on a 4-8 week lead time

Chamfered Heads

This is our Chamfered Head, the chamfer runs across the brickwork opening and there is a seating of either 102.5mm or 140mm (Depending on preference) on each side of the head. The availability on these heads would 4-8 Weeks.

Rectangular Heads

This our Non-stock Rectangular head. Very similar to the DH1 & DH2, except it is 290mm tall and is on a 4-8 week availability.


This is our Non-stock Cosmetic Clip-on Keystone. Very similar to a K1 & K2 Keystone, but made for a 290mm Head.

Structural Heads

These units contain a post-tensioned stainless steel element. They will support loads as indicated in the table. It is essential that this load is in one direction and that the head is laid so that the orientation is correct.

Additional Requirements:
  1. The Maximum lengths shown cannot be exceeded
  2. Structural Heads cannot be CUT, GROUND, DRILLED or CHASED under any circumstances. Please advise of any special requirements at the time of ordering as these may be accomodated in the casting process.
  3. Structural Heads must be installed with the top uppermost.
  4. Structural Heads must be used with 150mm bearing.

Please allow 6-10 Weeks for these items to be made.