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Here at CD Brick and Stone we have 3 basic types of copings in stock. Twice Weathered (Apex), Once Weathered (Splayed) and Flat. all other copings are on a 4-8 week Availability.

Forticrete Copings

Twice Weathered (Apex)

The TW305 and the TW400 are both available from stock. the TW200 is on a 4-8 week availability.

The T-Junction, Fair End and Universal Return for the TW400 are generally available within a Week of placing an order, however for the TW305 and TW200 they would be on 4-8 week Availability.

Once Weathered (Splayed)

The OW315 and the OW400 at 600mm Long are both available from stock. The OW400 at 890mm long is generally available within 1-2 weeks. The OW200 is on a 4-8 week availability. The OW400-90E and OW400-90INT are available from stock. L/H and R/H, Internal and External Copings at 890mm Long are on a 4-8 week availability as are the stop ends.

Flat Copings

The FC315 and the FC400 are both available from stock. the FC200 is on a 4-8 week availability. There is corner pieces available for these items, however they are also on a 4-8 week lead time

Peak Range Copings

Below are our Peak Range Copings. The Availability on these items is 4-8 weeks from the time of order. This is available in the Peak Range colours that are shown on the colour pages. these copings can also be made to a special size that you require, just let us know the sizes and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

This is the CDDCC-300. This is the only Peak Range Coping that is kept in stock. a Double Cant Coping at 300mm Wide to suit a double skinned (9 inch) wall.

These are our Moulded Once weathered copings, Both have a slightly different moulded detail. They are Referenced MCOW1 (Left) & MCOW2 (Right). Availability 4-8 Weeks.

These are all the other peak range copings. Availability on all of these items would be 4-8 weeks. If you require one of these copings in a different size, give us a call and one of our Sales team would be happy to get them priced for you.