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Gable Vents

A gable vent is typically found on the end of a house. A gable is the portion of a house that comes to a peak. Many homes will have multiple gables and some have multiple gable vents.

A gable vent is designed to allow hot air to escape from the loft.

We keep Gable Vents and False Gable Vents in stock. A False Gable Vent is used completely for decorative purposes, it is the same as a normal Gable Vent, however, it has no vent in the middle.


Here are the Gable Vents that we keep in stock. both have are the same sizes, however, the GV1 has a vent to allow airflow whereas the GF1 has a false vent. If they happen not to be in stock then the availability would be on 1-3 weeks.

This is Our smaller Gable Vent, the SGV1. it is a smaller alternative to the GV1 and GV2.

The SGV1 is kept in stock, however, if it is not in stock then there would be a 2-6 week availability on them.


Here are the Gable Vents that are not kept in stock. like the stock gable vents, both are the same sizes, however, the GV2 has a vent to allow airflow whereas the GF2 has a false vent. Availability would be 4-8 weeks.


A Namestone is used to add character and individuality to a property. they can have a house name, a year, a house number or any title you could think of.

Due to the uniqueness of what goes on to the Namestone. None of these are kept in stock.

if a Namestone is required with the current year, The NS2 may be available reasonably quickly. Anything else would be on a 4-8 week availability.

To the right is the NS5 which is a circular ‘Medallion’ piece. This is made to fit inside the BU1 and BU2 Bullseye Window Surrounds (see window surrounds page). To the left is the NS1 and NS3. both of these are the same size, however, they both have slightly different designs. The availability on the above items would 4-8 weeks.